How it can be presented as an art-science project?
What is Nothing?
Perception of Reality heavily depends on modeling process in the neuronal networks of our brain. Constant Creation of Order from Chaos is essential for our survival as species.
So, the working hypothesis is One could experience Nothingness in a transitional state of mind when the Old Model of Reality is not valid anymore and the New Model not yet created.

The Crisis of Perception takes time to be solved. In such situation humans should be able to experience Nothing in its most pure form.

How can we build such a special Place-in-Space where it can happen?

Most obvious idea is an installation where human subjects are forced to stay long enough to initiate that transitional state of mind.
The Womb is one of many art-research projects in that field.
It is immerse and interactive place where some transmagical experience takes place. It happens always in presence of alien-artist inside who guides the human subjects into the New World.

We use calculated noise frequency compositions (Sacral Noise), binaural tunes, asynchronous color light gadget Lights-of-Life, hand held stroboscopes 1-15 Hz, specially designed perfume, and a biologically shaped space capsule to induce detachment from Old Reality.
Even if one cannot recognize and understand those new things he still can experience them.
The Womb is a Place-in-Space to experience Nothingness
Eternally open for those who Sirius in the research for a NewJob where all major deadlines stays eternally open.

And... specially for those dear readers who used to read only first 4 lines of the discourse and the last two... here is the essence.
The Womb is in fact an immerse interactive dreamlike installation where everything except humans is naked - naked audio, naked visuals, naked perfume and naked space... And we are Siriusly looking for naked humans to make the installation complete.
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